Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Headshot-SquareNicholas B. Rajkovich, PhD, AIA is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University at Buffalo. His research investigates the intersection of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and adaptation to climate change in buildings and Great Lakes communities. Before earning a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Michigan, he was a Senior Program Engineer at Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). At PG&E, he was responsible for creating a new Zero Net Energy Pilot Program. He has a Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University. He can be reached at rajkovic (at) buffalo.edu.


Harris_Gwyneth_Headshot Gwyneth Harris is a Master of Architecture student in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from Skidmore College and continues to pursue her interest in sustainability and resilience as part of the Ecological Practices Graduate Research Group. Prior to joining the Resilient Buildings Lab, Gwyn was a Graduate Teaching Assistant for First Year Studio, Construction Technology, Environmental Systems I and Diversity & Design. She can be reached at gharris4 (at) buffalo.edu.

  • Ioanna Dinoulis
  • Kaety Ashkar


  • Brenna Reilly (M.Arch/M.U.P., 2021)
  • Elizabeth Gilman (M.Arch., 2020)
  • Ashley Chiffy (M.Arch., 2019)
  • Hope Forgus (M.Arch., 2019)
  • Thomas (T.J.) Mulligan (M.Arch., 2019)
  • Yasmein Okour (Ph.D., 2019)
  • Kelley Mosher St. John (M.U.P., 2018)
  • Krista Macy (M.Arch., 2018)
  • Harlee Tanner (M. Arch., 2017)
  • Michael Tuzzo (M. Arch./M.U.P., 2017)
  • Nathaniel Heckman (M. Arch., 2016)